Leviathan Ray 79 x 90cm

Olivier Leger

Leviathan Ray 79 x 90cm

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Leviathan Ray

Limited Edition #/100

Did you know?

There are many mysteries hidden in the bowls of the deep blue ocean. Down in the depths and well beyond the reach of the sun’s light lies an unexplored trove of the unfamiliar. Left untouched by its sheer inaccessibility this is somewhere our imagination can explore. Leagues underneath the crashing waves is where you will find the Leviathan ray. More comparable to an island for its size this creature ominously drifts through the oceans, feeding on everything with its great yawning maw. Although thousands of years old, the leviathan rays found in our oceans are only pups. Once they reach a critical size they are forced to leave our oceans in one final migration, away from the relative safety of Earth and out into the unknown reaches of space. Transformed into great winged planets and carrying assimilated elements of its home world, the adult rays explore the galaxy looking for far flung ocean worlds to seed new life. Or… so they say.