Tower of London - 24 x 34 cm

Kethi Copeland

Tower of London - 24 x 34 cm

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A Walk by the River: Tower of London is a Limited edition Screen-print of just 50 prints.

The prints in 'A Walk by the River' series link up to create a set of drawings that flow together along a continuous line but can equally be enjoyed individually.

Artist Kethi Copeland has turned her attention to the Northbank for these prints, and captures the historic Tower of London: a fortress at the edge of the 'square mile' the Tower has performed a role as a palace, prison and museum housing treasures and has been part of the fabric of London's riverside since 1078.

All Prints are signed, dated and numbered on the front. Supplied with backing board and artist statement sealed in a clear plastic sleeve.

'A Walk by the River' is a limited edition print series in which the twists and turns of the river Thames are rearranged to create one continuous line and drawing, upon which both the well-known and lesser appreciated of London???????¡???????¦s riverside architecture co-exist. Using layers of screen-printed colour she communicates the many layered experience of being in a city from the perspective of a Londoner.