Oxo Tower & Sea Container House - 24 x 34 cm

Kethi Copeland

Oxo Tower & Sea Container House - 24 x 34 cm

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The prints in 'A Walk by the River' series link up to create a set of drawings that flow together along a continuous line but can equally be enjoyed individually.

A Walk by the River: OXO Tower is a Limited edition Screen-print of only 200 prints. All Prints are signed, dated and numbered on the front.Printed on cream acid free paper 250gsm supplied with backing board and artist statement sealed in a clear plastic sleeve.

'A Walk by the River' is a limited edition print series in which the twists and turns of the river Thames are rearranged to create one continuous line and drawing, upon which both the well-known and lesser appreciated of London???????¡???????¦s riverside architecture co-exist. Using layers of screen-printed colour she communicates the many layered experience of being in a city from the perspective of a Londoner.