Tropical Wild Navy Scarf

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Tropical Wild Navy Scarf

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This luxury scarf features navy and hot orange . An essential complement to your wardrobe, it will be a perfect finishing piece to any work outfit or casual outfit. Colours that match this scarf: neutral wardrobe including colours like, an almond beige, mild grey and cream along with more striking monochromatic outfits.

Designed by Adele Pearce

Size: 90 x 90 cm

Material: Silk Twill (100% Silk)

Words from the Artist

I call this a wild canvas. Everything seemed to flow, it was like a peek into my idealistic tropical jungle. I particularly wanted to feature the birds as they are such an important part of Caribbean wildlife chatter. The spectacular Toucan is a star of this scarf, which it is very unusual physical dimensions of beak to body, not to mention its bold colours. Unfortunately, these exotic characteristics lead to the Toucan's main source of danger �?humans. There is a great demand for these wonderful creatures in the exotic pet world and during the carriage of these birds from one place to the next there is little regard for their physical and physiological needs, which ultimately leads to these birds paying the highest price. Though we would like to eliminate captivity of these feathered creatures, once again education is needed to let local people know that these animals, beautiful as they are, will suffer in the hands of unqualified traders.