Grevy's Zebra Cream Scarf

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Grevy's Zebra Cream Scarf

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This luxury silk scarf features cream and burnished brown. A statement wardrobe essential it will be a perfect finishing piece to any work outfit or casual outfit. Colours that match this scarf: neutral wardrobe including colours like, an almond beige, mild grey, cream and black along with more striking monochromatic outfits with deep olive tones or rust.

Designed by Adele Pearce

Size: 90 x 90 cm

Material: Silk Twill (100% Silk)

Words from the Artist

Inspired by the sociable Grevy's Zebra species, I wanted this artwork to embrace the simple beauty of the contrast in colour of the Zebra stripes. Simultaneously drawing attention to the fact that the existence of these iconic creatures are endangered.

The Grevy's Zebra population have been threatened for quite some time and one of the reasons is due to the beauty of their skins. Indeed Andy Warhol featured the Grevy's Zebra in his screenprints of endangered wildlife back in the 80s using his unique style to attract attention to their plight through his art.