Diamond Wooden Ornament 12cm Black


Diamond Wooden Ornament 12cm Black

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This nordic style laser cut birch wood crystal is made in Finland. It is easy to mail as a seasonal gift in an envelope.

Birch Crystals make beautiful decorations for windows. They can be suspended from the ceiling, light or chandelier. At Christmas time they will give a traditional touch for christmas trees.

The material used in Birch Crystals is Finnish birch plywood. Each Crystal is packed separately in a flat cellophane bag with a Valona card and thread for suspending the decoration. There are two pieces to put together to give a three dimensional look to the decoration. It is easy to send these birch crystals in a greetings card. There are instructions (English, Finnish & Swedish language), along with an instuctive photo printed on the back of the Valona card.

Height: 12cm (5 inches)