Narwhal 26 x 41cm

Olivier Leger

Narwhal 26 x 41cm

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Giclee print, 26 x 41cm

Did you know? Narwhals inhabit areas around the Arctic circle, often making use of pack ice and small areas of open water as sanctuary from killer whales. Narwhals can grow to between 3.8 - 5m and are most recognisable due to the spiralled tooth that erupts from their upper lip. Their tusks can grow up to 3 meters long! Until the 17th century their tusks were thought to be evidence of Unicorns and were highly sought after by nobles and royalty across Europe.

You will receive a high quality giclee print of the above design along with a certificate of authenticity. Prints are unframed.

Open Edition Giclee print (no print limitation). Printed onto textured fine art 100% acid free paper, 300gsm using lightfast pigmented inks. Certified by the Fine Art Trade Guild.

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