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To order any of the jewellery, please circle the product(s) and email the photo(s) to us at We will reply with more photos and also a link for payment and delivery.

You can also phone us to describe what you wish to order, and we will do our best to identify the item and email you a few photos to confirm.

Download (right click and save) the photos to view them in full size.


Penny Warren Penny Warren

Penny Warren


 May Ganan

May Ganan
May Ganan



 Bijou GevoleBijou GevoleBijou Gevole

Martin GuthmannMartin GuthmannMartin Guthmann

Yuki AssiterYuki AssiterYuki Assiter

Gallardo & BlaineGallardo & Blaine

Mary DugganMary Duggan


Step by Step Design Step by Step Design


Nadia MinkoffNadia Minkoff

Marta WiniarczykMarta Winiarczyk

Aniela DublaszewskaAniela Dublaszewska

Materia DesignMateria Design