Beau Nuage

Beau Nuage is committed to revisiting the rain classics with style and innovation. It has reconceptualised the design and manufacturing process of umbrella to make your life easier. We want to make you love the rain! 


Beau Nuage has developed and patented the world's first absorbent cover. The cover consumes raindrops and keeps your umbrella dry with its microfibre inner layer. It is made of extremely fine fibres and absorbs up to 200 times its own weight in water. The intermediate layer and the outer layer keep the raindrops inside the cover and guarantee a perfectly waterproof cover.


The umbrellas are designed to be strong, practical and lightweight. Their solid and innovative materials make them the highest quality umbrellas and guarantee optimal use and a longer life than ordinary umbrellas. The mast is an alloy of steel and aluminium. This allows it to be robust (impossible to twist) while remaining lightweight. The eight whalebones are made of fibreglass and aluminium in order to be flexible and resistant to strong winds.